The Paralegal Profession - The Work, The Rewards

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Here's the dirty little secret: while lawyers are ultimately accountable for legal services, they routinely delegate much of the day-to-day work to paralegals. Indeed, the paralegal - or legal assistant - is taking on an ever widening range of tasks in law firms, corporate offices and government agencies. What kind of tasks? Helping lawyers prepare for closings, hearings, trials, and corporate meetings. Drafting contracts. Assisting with trust funds and estate planning. Maintaining office financial records and supervising other office staff. And for good pay. Let's explore.

The Paralegal Profession - More Pro Than Con

The Pros and Cons of the Paralegal Profession

By Kenneth Echie

The paralegal (also known as legal assistant) profession is one of the fastest growing professions at this moment. In the past several years, it has become a profession that requires higher education levels than ever before due to the onslaught of new technologies.

By having a legal assistant prepare first drafts and do the research pertaining to a case, the lawyer can charge much less than if they had to do the work themselves. A paralegal will perform many of the important tasks that...


Paralegal Profession - The Right Stuff

Paralegal - Do You Have What It Takes?

By Shelby Ryan

As job opportunities in many professions continue to be downsized and outsourced in the new global economy, the paralegal field has continued to grow in stature and importance along with...


Paralegal Profession - Picking a Good Paralegal School

How To Choose A Paralegal School

By Amy Nutt

Going to school is always a wise investment into your future as it raises your value in the workplace significantly. Upon graduation, it can also increase your earning potential as graduates earn more money...